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Monad In Scala

During last few months, I’ve learned a bit of functional programming in Scala. To document what I’ve learned so far, there will be a few posts regarding various functional concepts mostly around typeclasses and scalaz library. These posts are purely for self-documenting purposes and it lacks proper explanation on various concepts. Unlike other posts, this post won’t be very useful to anyone since trying to explain even just the basics of these typeclasses can easily get out of hand so I didn’t bother. Also I put more emphasis on the practicality rather than theoretical correctness. To understand Monad, we start our journey with what typeclass is.

Delegate Pattern and Strong Reference Cycle In Swift

This post is for self-documenting purpose but if anyone finds it helpful, I’ll be glad. Memory management is built into the language itself in Swift, called ARC (Automatic Reference Counting). Refer to this and this.

TypeScript Module System in Browser and Server

This post is for self-documenting purpose. In a nutshell, there are three module systems provided by TypeScript.

Google Analytics For iOS Without Cocoapods

This post serves a rather self-documenting purpose to remind me of the drudgery that I had to go through implementing such seemingly trivial stuff. I’ll be glad to share for anyone who’s in the same boat as I did. First, I made some assumptions about you.

ExpressJS with TypeScript

It’s been a while since I wrote the last post. This post covers my recent venture into TypeScript, yet another Javascript transcompiling language.